Software Features

With Utility Manager (for your network) or The Energy Center (100% web-based) you can...

Ensure accurate data entry:

Find billing errors:

Create powerful reports:

  • hundreds of reports to choose from
  • graphical and tabular report options
  • historical and ranking report options
  • weather-adjusted avoided cost savings reports
  • user defined report periods (e.g., monthly, quarterly, annual)
  • automatic conversions of utility billing units
  • calculate carbon dioxide emissions
  • export reports to Excel etc.
  • create user defined report formats

Meet accounting needs:

  • create custom fiscal calendar*
  • assign financial codes
  • assign GL codes
  • forecast and budget utility costs
  • custom link to your AP system available
  • allocations module available for GL "splits"
  • accruals module available

* currently only available in Utility Manager

And more!

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Software Features

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