Sample EDI Bill

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) billings can be obtained from many electric and natural gas vendors. While EDI billings typically follow an overall utility industry standard format, each individual vendor has a lot of flexibility in how they represent their particular bills. As you can see in the sample below from Dominion Virginia Power, an EDI billing is not just a spreadsheet with nicely laid out rows and columns. Each row contains several fields and every field position has specific meaning. Included in each EDI billing, however, are all the key items you’d find on a paper billing, such as account and meter numbers, service period dates, and very detailed usage and cost line items.

With our EDI translation tools and expertise, we help you translate EDI bills like this into files that can be directly imported into Utility Manager or The Energy Center. Once you start EDI, you get all the detail from the paper bills but without actually receiving the paper bills. And all that cost and usage information goes into Utility Manager without manual data entry!