City of Richmond to Use Utility Manager Pro

We recently added a new client, the City of Richmond California, which will begin using Utility Manager Pro in the coming months to track their 600+ Pacific Gas & Electric accounts and East Bay Municipal Utility District water accounts.  The database will be maintained monthly by the City through the receipt of all electronic billing data from their vendors using both EDI and spreadsheets.  All new bills will be first imported into Utility Manager and then validated against a history of each account in the database to ensure they are correct.  Once validated, th

Submitted by umsjohn on Fri, 04/23/2010 - 16:22

Ramsey County to Use Utility Manager Server

One of our current projects now underway is with Ramsey County, Minnesota.  The County will be using Utility Manager Server to track and monitor all of its utility usage and costs.  The completed database will contain electric, gas, water, sewer, hot water, and chilled water data.  For the first time, County departments will have the information they need to effectively manage utility bills at their finger tips.

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Sample EDI Bill

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) billings can be obtained from many electric and natural gas vendors. While EDI billings typically follow an overall utility industry standard format, each individual vendor has a lot of flexibility in how they represent their particular bills. As you can see in the sample below from Dominion Virginia Power, an EDI billing is not just a spreadsheet with nicely laid out rows and columns. Each row contains several fields and every field position has specific meaning.

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