The Utility Manager Pro and Utility Manager Server

The Standard in Energy and Utility Accounting!

The Utility Manager is a remarkably powerful, yet easy to use utility accounting software package for Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, or Win 8/8.1.  Both Utility Manager Pro ™ and Utility Manager Server ™ versions help you store information about each of your sites, utility vendors, utility accounts, & utility bills. Data entry is made easy since templates can be customized to precisely match the layout you see on your bills.

With hundreds of built-in reports, analysis tools, and import/export features, The Utility Manager Version 4x helps you:

  • have accurate and detailed utility information at your finger tips;
  • compare the relative efficiency of your various sites;
  • find billing errors;
  • forecast and budget utility costs; and
  • monitor the results of energy and water saving projects.

Software Features

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Utility Manager Pro ™ and Utility Manager Server ™ are both Registered Trademarks of LPB Energy Management.

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