Energy Accounting

What is Energy Accounting and Utility Accounting?

Both Energy Accounting and Utility Accounting represent a systematic way of recording, analyzing, and reporting energy and other utility costs and usage on a regular basis.  Originally, software for this purpose tended to track only energy services (which can be converted to "British Thermal Units") such as electricity, natural gas, propane, oil, etc.   As a result, it was called Energy Accounting software.  As software has evolved and "non-energy" utility services such as water, sewer, and garbage were added, the software and the process became known by the broader term Read more »

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Software Features

With Utility Manager you can...

Ensure accurate data entry:

Find billing errors:

Create powerful reports:

  • hundreds of reports to choose from
  • graphical and tabular report options
  • his
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Since 1982, Utility Management Services has provided customers unmatched expertise in computerized utility bill tracking, energy efficiency program management and evaluation, and training in resource management. We have worked with hundreds of public agencies and private firms on both extensive "turnkey" projects as well as projects of more limited scope. UMS has the tools to make your utility management program a success, regardless of your project size and budget. Read more »

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