About Us

Who We Are

Since 1982, Utility Management Services has provided customers unmatched expertise in computerized utility bill tracking, energy efficiency program management and evaluation, and training in resource management. We have worked with hundreds of public agencies and private firms on both extensive "turnkey" projects as well as projects of more limited scope. UMS has the tools to make your utility management program a success, regardless of your project size and budget.

Why Choose Us

Our Experience: More than 28 years experience in the utility accounting area — we've built databases for some of the nation's largest companies as well as small school districts - and everyone in between.

Our Expertise: For more than 11 years, UMS has provided nationwide Utility Manager technical support on behalf of the software developer — we know the ins and outs of the program far better than other distributors! If you experience any problem, there's no one better to get help from.

Our Service: We work hard to provide quality support to our clients both before and after you purchase the software — just read our testimonials! They were written by our clients.

Our Integrity: We provide high quality work at a fair price, with no gimm