City of Richmond to Use Utility Manager Pro

We recently added a new client, the City of Richmond California, which will begin using Utility Manager Pro in the coming months to track their 600+ Pacific Gas & Electric accounts and East Bay Municipal Utility District water accounts.  The database will be maintained monthly by the City through the receipt of all electronic billing data from their vendors using both EDI and spreadsheets.  All new bills will be first imported into Utility Manager and then validated against a history of each account in the database to ensure they are correct.  Once validated, the bills will then be exported to the City's "Munis" accounts payable system through a custom AP Link and prepared for electronic payment back to the vendors.  Once the system is live, the City will for the first time have utility usage information easily available to City departments for better management of costs.


Submitted by umsjohn on Fri, 04/23/2010 - 16:22