Advanced Features in Utility Manager's Optional Modules

All by itself, the basic Utility Manager software package is very powerful, helping users:

  • track and report usage and cost information for many utility services,
  • compare the energy performance of multiple facilities,
  • forecast & budget next year's costs,
  • track the "carbon footprint" of your organization, and so on.

However, there are five optional modules for users with special or advanced needs. These modules integrate seamlessly into the Utility Manager software menus and, like the rest of the program, have been designed with ease of use and clarity of menus in mind.

Energy Star Module

Energy StarThe Energy Star module allows users to interact with and obtain ratings from the EPA's Energy Star program from within the Utility Manager software. Since you already have your usage and cost information in Utility Manager, why enter it all again in the EPA's "Portfolio Manager"? This module allows you to add "site attributes" such as hours of operation and building types to your Utility Manager database, so you can upload information to the EPA and then download your facilities' Energy Star ratings.

Advanced Cost Avoidance Module

Need to measure energy or cost savings from your efficiency improvement projects? While all versions of Utility Manager incorporate cost avoidance functionality, this module both reveals the inner workings of the methodology as well as adds new features and controls. These changes improve the software's flexibility in calculating and reporting energy savings and enhance the validity of the results.

Accruals Module

With utility meters being read on different cycles and the resulting utility bills arriving throughout the month, some customers need to calculate an accrual to project costs for each utility account through the end of each calendar month. The module helps you do just that. Need to reverse the accrual next month? No problem, this module has you covered.

Accounts Payable Link

In addition to utility cost and usage information, Utility Manager allows users to store various accounting codes, reflecting the site, vendor, utility service, and so on.  With Utility Manager's AP Link module, Utility Manager can electronically "feed" your accounts payable system to streamline the payment of the utility bills.

Cost Allocation Module (UM Server only)

The Utility Manager’s Cost Allocation module allows accurate and efficient distribution of cost and usage across multiple facilities, or across multiple customers within a single facility. Any monthly utility company bill can serve as a master bill, which can be automatically apportioned to a specified group of subsidiary accounts. Billings can be distributed either by a fixed percentage or by the weighted square footage of the facility.

Each of these modules is available for an additional modest charge... Ask us!

Utility Manager Pro™ and Utility Manager Server™ are both Registered Trademarks of Utility Management Services.