Energy Star

Advanced Features in The Energy Center

Energy Center includes several advanced standard features that go far beyond the basics of tracking and reporting of utility billing information, which it does very well.  Energy Center can serve as your primary utility management platform and the centerpiece of a comprehensive organization-wide resource conservation program that encourages conservation on every level of your organization.  Here is a brief summary of these special advanced features.  Extra charges apply in selected cases.

Feature Focus: Energy Star Module

Many Utility Manager users have found Utility Manager's optional Energy Star Module to be a fast and efficient means of uploading their energy use information for Energy Star ratings.  Energy Star is a national building efficiency rating program administered by the EPA for the purpose of encouraging and recognizing energy efficient buildings.  In order to obtain Energy Star ratings on your buildings it's first necessary to enter the building's energy use information, along with several other types of building information, into your "Portfolio Manager" account on the EPA's Energy S

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