Feature Focus: Carbon emissions and carbon "footprint" calculations

For several years now, energy users have become increasingly aware of the linkage between fuel consumption and the creation of CO², a greenhouse gas that has been determined to contribute significantly to global warming. A variety of government programs and private section initiatives have emerged to help organizations better understand their "carbon footprint" and how carbon emissions affect the environment.

A carbon emissions calculation module comes with both the Utility Manager Pro and Utility Manager Server software packages.  As a result, users can determine their "carbon footprint" and how it changes over time.

The Utility Manager software starts with a set of CO² factors for each energy type for each state as published by the US Environmental Protection Agency as well as each province as published by the Canadian Climate Registry.  If you have your own carbon emission factors from your local utility vendor, the standard factors included in the program can be easily modified.

The Utility Manager software then calculates the carbon emissions associated with each of your sites based on the energy usage at each site and the appropriate CO² factors.  The program offers a series of reports to allow users to monitor and share the results of the carbon footprint analysis, as well as measure how your organization's carbon emissions change over time.

More Information on Utility Manager's special modules.

Submitted by umsken on Fri, 11/07/2014 - 10:56