Utility Manager's Bill Audit Features Save Florida Money

One of the Utility Manager software's key features is its ability to audit and validate the utility billing information entered into the program.  The program checks the utility billing data against a series of parameters and lets you know if the data entered falls outside those parameters. 

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FDHSMV) recently reported that the Utility Manager software's Bill Audit feature found two issues that has helped them save thousands of dollars.  In one case, the Bill Audit's usage and cost per unit checks revealed a data entry error made by their water vendor... the vendor had entered an extra 0 so the billing was actually 10 times more than it should have been!  This is not as unusual a problem as is might seem...we've seen it before.  The vendor will be issuing a refund for over $6000 to the FDHSMV.

In a second case, the Bill Audit revealed a huge increase in daily average usage for another water account.  Since both the vendor and customer data entry was correct, the FDHSMV assigned a plumber to investigate.  The investigation revealed a bad water leak in a long run of pipe not near the meter itself... the surrounding ground was soggy due to the leak.  The leak was repaired and the daily average usage values went back to normal.  Here again, FDHSMV credits the Utility Manager software with finding this error and saving thousands of additional dollars.

For more information on this feature:  Establish Audit Rules

Submitted by umsken on Thu, 04/15/2010 - 10:23